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Dirt Nerds Podcast

Jul 30, 2017

This episode we have an awesome interview with the man who developed the VP Stay Wet product, Dane Miller. Its a additive tracks can put in their water trucks to help keep dust down and keep tracks racy. Dane goes over everything you need to know about the product. As well as tell some racing stories, he picks...

Jul 23, 2017

Elliott had to ride solo this episode as Randy was at the LPGA tournament this week. This episode Elliott asks for your input on the stock car class and what is happening to it? Which also brought up the topic on tech inspections and how frequent they are done. Also the tires in the in the late model division are...

Jul 17, 2017

On this episode Elliott and Randy talk about their weeks.  Elliott talks about his racing and Metallica and Randy talks baseball and more baseball. Be sure subscribe on Apple Podcast, Google play and Stitcher

Jul 10, 2017

Elliott and his wife Nicole sit down for an episode. They talk about tracks and their facilities and what a woman/girl may look for in a facility. They also hit on favorite drivers. And they even talk some drag racing at the end.  

Jul 3, 2017

Randy is back! On this episode the fellas talk about the American Ethanol Tour coming to town at Oakshade Raceway. They also hit on some American Legion Baseball information via Randy. 

And Elliott brings you his top 5 reasons dirt racing is destined for success!