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Dirt Nerds Podcast

Mar 29, 2022

This week we have some unfortunate news to discuss before we get to racing topics. We lost our number one fan, Rhonda from Washington. Rhonda was a listener since the very beginning of our podcast in 2017. We got to know her over the years as well as some of her family. We also talk about the racing results from this...

Mar 22, 2022

This week we talk about the top 5 things we each find annoying in dirt racing.  We also cover some racing results from the weekend as all of our local racing was beat out by mother nature.

Mar 15, 2022

This week we sit down and talk about Duane's trip to Detroit to catch the Supercross race. Then we talk about a couple of race results and answer some fan questions, some of which are a bit on the adult side.

Mar 8, 2022

This week we talk about Duane's visit to Pennsylvania where he attended races at Lincoln and Port Royal. We also talk about some racing results from around the country and we answer fan questions!

Mar 1, 2022

This week we sit down and talk about some of the racing that happened this past weekend.  We also talk about what makes someone "the best of all time."